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Healing Texts, Healing Practices, Healing Bodies: A Workshop on Medicine and Buddhism

April 16, 2012

370 Dwinelle Hall

Sponsors: Center for Japanese Studies (CJS)Center for Buddhist Studies

The prevention, alleviation and cure of physical and mental ills have been central concerns of Buddhist traditions across Asia, as well as a major drive in the creation and promotion of healing rituals and therapies. At the same time, monks have played a key role in the spread and circulation of medical knowledge beyond national borders, and Buddhist institutions have provided fertile ground for the development and consolidation of medical treatises and curative techniques.

The workshop Healing Texts, Healing Practices, Healing Bodies aims to be a platform for scholars working in different fields of Buddhist studies to explore the intersections of Buddhism and medical knowledge in comparative perspective. The papers will analyze different therapeutic strategies emerging from textual sources and ritual practices; discuss how discourses on physical and mental illness have been constructed, represented and embodied; and examine how conceptions of pollution and filth have informed notions of disease as well as their treatment.

*This is a 2-day workshop
Day 1: Friday, April 6th | 2:30pm-5:00pm
Day 2: Saturday, April 7th | 10:00am - 5:00pm

Event Contact:, 510-642-3156

Directions: Dwinelle Hall is notorious for being hard to navigate. In order to find the room we suggest that you follow the directions below. 1. Enter campus via Sather Gate which is located where Telegraph Avenue meets the Berkeley campus. After going through the Gate and crossing the immediately following bridge, the first building on your left will be Dwinelle Hall. Enter through the doors off the big plaza. 2. This entrance to Dwinelle Hall is on Level D. To the right in the main hall, there will be an elevator. Take it to Level F/G. Alternately, you can take the stairwell directly opposite the elevator. 3. Once you have exited the elevator, room 370 will be immediately to your left. (directions courtesy of BBRG, UC Berkeley)